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Therapist/Healer RECALIBRATION

Therapist/Healer RECALIBRATION



You are in this line of fulfilment due to ability to help others. You have a gift, you have an ability and most importantly you want to help others to live more fulfilling life. You know you can help and you want to see the change in those you help.
There are two outlets that get involved here:
First - YOU WERE BORN with the gift of awareness and ability to heal, facilitate or support growth of another fellow human being.
Secondly - YOU YOURSELF want to see how far your work can go so that you yourself can believe… yes YOU YOURSELF, that your practice works and you in turn can benefit yourself.
I understand these words can be uncomfortable yet if everything in your life was perfect you most likely were spending your time in Caribbean sipping margaritas or… diving in the ocean with a family of dolphins. That is until you felt ready to work again :)
As a therapist/healer/spiritual teacher you have your own obligation to yourself to grow further. And you know that better than anyone can tell you.
There is a period of a ‘thought' or an idea if you like… Aha! I can do/offer this! You work through the process of becoming, or building your practice, or a way of offering and facilitating your skills…
You then fulfil that stage of your ‘path’.
Your clients grow, you receive inner satisfaction, that is until you realise there is a need for recalibration. 

You no longer feel fulfilled.
You are in a rut.
You know you help others, yet you yourself are too comfortable (or not!) and you keep staying stuck in that vicious circle of simply doing the same.
The period of stagnation kicks in.
You… put plainly… ARE NO LONGER SATISFIED. 
YOU yourself WANT MORE.
That’s were I come in.
I TRIGGER EXPAND and support your CONSTRUCT of becoming AWARE of more. Yes MORE.
Because we all know there is MORE to life.
WHY me?
I facilitate TANGIBLE.
You don’t just come to see me to become aware, become more excited and leave our sessions thinking you can do so much more or yet embark on your next journey… only a few days later to fall back into your own existing routine. 
Let's be honest it's safe, familiar and … you know that pattern already. Inside out.
We create small changes, you re-write your own description, you break your patterns under my careful guidance, you receive an enhanced energetic support from my own frequency.
I am literally holding your energetic hand throughout the entire process.
I will even guide your dream state! That is quite a direct approach where you will experience dream states with my presence. And there will be a form of guidance on a significantly deeper psyche level.
A PLAN OF ACTIONs and please pay attention here carefully, a plan of action that you can bounce off! That is not your final plan of action… as you’ll see the moment you start implementing the changes, there are others in your life involved that you will need to navigate around.
Of course we will address this in our sessions, however you may meet other challenges ( or perhaps even advantages) where you will see a MUCH EASIER path of facilitating your next journey as a SPIRITUAL BEING  that you are.
MY FULL ENERGETIC SUPPORT on a conscious and subconscious level.
I work with the frequency I AM which is at the core of current consciousness expansion process. I AM.
FURTHER EXPANSION AND AWARENESS of your other lives and existences
LINK to your very own SOUL CONSTRUCT on a new enhanced level.
YOU may find it hard and give up. If you are not ready - sign up for the starter pack first.
There is nothing more disheartening to you, yourself, than starting on a journey and giving up half way… then spending a long time feeling quite mediocre about yourself. It could be that you are just not ready.
It could be that you still have some contracts you are afraid to break. 
For whatever reason! There is always something that can hold you back. And it requires a special kind of awareness to break FREE from such seemingly pre-destined commitments.
You need to go at your own pace.
If unsure, sign up for the starter pack.
Then when ready, come back and book the full program. Yes, every time starts from the beginning. Because your frequency signature changes all the time and I need to tune in EVERY SINGLE TIME I see you! I have that ability and that is my GIFT that I bring to the table.
I trigger YOUR AWARENESS of YOUR ‘bigger' or to be more precise your more encompassing SELF.
Ideally all the sessions must be in person.
At the very least the first and the last session must be in person.
And if you are really far away, then at the very least 1 longer session must be in person. As I need to activate you on a physical level. Which means I will ask your permission to touch some of the energy centres on your body. You would be fully clothed and in a sitting position.
1st session the longest and is 3 hours long with warm herbal tea breaks if required. 
We discuss hear out your story meditate connect activate and become aware and… tweak straight away where possible.
2nd session is all about the money and is 2 hours long.
it also involves the talk about the money as many of you do not grasp the concept of money and have a difficult relationship with the frequency. Including the frequency of abundance.
It’s not about the money… (but it is). And I’ll explain why. Even if it is not about the money - it is your attitude towards ‘A' frequency! 
By denying existence of one energy you 'hurt' your inner perception with regards to other energies and their flow.
3rd session, 4th session both sessions are 2 hours long. 
Discussion, planning meditation, my activating touch if necessary, herbal tea pauses if required and planning.
5th session and the final, 2 to 3 hours long and with warm herbal tea breaks.
Why 2 to 3 hours long? Often you’ll be eager to leave and start FACILITATING YOUR  new expanded path like NOW… Some of you will require more support and further energy activation… so we are allowing the space up to 3 hours and it is very much in your hands.
Here we draft the final pan for your next profession and perhaps even personal journey. We then ‘experience' it and… notice and become aware if final tweaks are still required.
If everything is perfect - I facilitate YOUR full emersion into your new reality that you are about to create for yourself.
Pretty MAGIC, if you ask me :)

The starter pack is a shortened version with less expectation and more about becoming aware that you can adjust your path and choose a different variant of your Earthy reality. 
It consists of 3 sessions with a similar ‘attitude' as a FULL PROGRAM:
1st session is the longest and is 2 hours long with warm herbal tea breaks. 
We discuss hear out your story meditate connect activate and become aware and… tweak straight away where possible.
2nd session is about probing where changes are possible while further activation of your construct is facilitated. The session is 90 mins long and with warm herbal tea breaks if necessary.
3rd session is the final and is 2 hours long. It is the final session and it will involve discussion planning meditation and even touch on the aspects of money and energy exchange for your services that you facilitate for others. There is a need of awareness of what it is you actually do for the others on a very tangible level and I’ll facilitate that for you.
For everything else… there are crystals :)
You can always get a ‘feel' for a frequency I operate on through my crystals. 
Here, in my Etsy shop, you can choose a crystal that is best suited to your needs and as all my crystals come “to the shop" fully awakened and alive - you’ll be able to see how the crystal you choose IS thanks to my work with them.
When I work with you, the process, energetically speaking, is somewhat similar and is facilitated on your deeper psyche level.



If I was to tell you that I am about to change your life for the better, what price would you pay? Exactly. However, we are here… and currently we accept money as a form of energetic exchange. So the current prices are:




Full prepayment required to facilitate your commitment.

Bank transfer or via paylink (PayPal or custom payment link via Etsy platform)
Whether you are committing to THE FULL PROGRAM or the STARTER PACK, both are to be completed within 2 weeks or 1 week. 
1 week is best if you seek to achieve an intense immersion into SELF, subject to my schedule and availability.
We can’t extend it any further unless agreed prior booking the RECALIBRATION process.
The program packs the punch providing we complete it within a very narrow time frame. Hence 1 or 2 weeks duration of the RECALIBRATION course.

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